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Please note that this entire site is still a work in progress and is just something I do for fun!


Cagiu is short for "Caged Girl Universe" and is taken from my album "Songs of a Caged Girl" (which will be released in 2024), so, in other words, this is a universe that was created from my music. My music is the soundtrack and every listener is encouraged to make a place in this world and make themselves feel just at home!

My music is about real life - I'm writing from my point of view - but it can also be translated into a whole horror story and horror-themed world in its own right! What I meant is one thing and how it's interpreted is another.

So since I love to create with my imagination and also enjoy roleplaying I decided to combine my interest in music with my interest in worldbuilding and roleplaying. I have many ideas for characters and stories with my music as the soundtrack, but do you know what? You can contribute to the development of it all! Feel free to tell me what you think about when hearing a specific piece of music. Maybe it has a different story to you than it originally had to me. Let's discuss and share our stories with each other here. Let's make this world together

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